Working with Creatives

It is not always easy dealing with creative types and after 20+ years of managing many graphic designers, games designers and brand gurus I have got a good understanding of why. This experience has come from working with over a 1000 creatives in various projects. Question I get asked regularly are "Why when we agree

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Work life balance for a beautiful mind

I have been in business for several decades and I have learned quite early on that my inspirational and most productive time comes and goes in a normal week. I felt that the 80-20 rule resonated in that 20% of your time achieves at least 80% of your meaningful work. I appreciate that there

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Online Consultancy – The Right Fit

Adam heads a dynamic team and consultancy business focused on the sustainable growth of your business. The first step is making sure we are the right fit and that Adam is confident we can deliver, and you as a client have the commitment for such a journey.

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