A family man who can grow your business

Hi my name is Adam and i have been in the digital world for a long time, the changes I have seen both to business and consumers to unbelievable. I have enjoyed building up digital agencies and working across many industries successfully deploying technology, advertising and achieving amazing growth. I am now an online consultant able to check in on your agency and/or marketing staff to ensure they working hard for your business and that they are missing something.

I am happy to work with awesome clients who run companies to help you achieve growth and to get through the tough times, covid and recessions. I don t always take on a client because I want to be sure I can make a difference and we are well suited.

I am qualified as an environmental scientists so I also work with clients on their environmental & social policies looking at implementing a moral compass.

i am also a Head Coach for a basketball team and love the outdoors :)

Thanks Adam